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Thread: Nice air rifle for kids and adults?

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    Nice air rifle for kids and adults?

    I want a break barrel air rifle in 22 cal that my kids and I can all enjoy shooting. By break barrel I simply mean to not have to pump multiple times, no air tank or separate air supply needed. Single pellet, manual feed is fine. And I'd prefer a suppressed barrel. $200-$250 range

    I'm leaning towards a Stoeger S8000 E-Tac

    Several good, medium and bad reviews. Not available anywhere right now.

    Today I came across a Crossman Mag-fire Ultra that looked appealing and available at Academy. It has a detachable magazine. While I'm not opposed to this concept, it seems like a potential problem. For one, the rifle requires the mag to be in place to work. What if mag gets lost or damaged? Are more mags available? It appears they sell additional mags, but hard to find of course.

    What I find by zeroing in on my stipulations is that there a lot of mediocre comments saying it's "okay at this price point". The trigger is okay, scope sucks. Or the scope is okay, but the accuracy sucks. Sorry guys, I'm just not in the search for a $800 pellet plinker. Anyone have any experience with the rifles mentioned above or have a suggestion that captures my stipulations? TIA
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    I have a couple that do Squirrel duty at home. An unfortunate reality; with airguns, like optics, you get what you pay for. There are some values to be had.
    (RWS and Feinwerkbau both make some exceptionally accurate airguns.)
    The article/link may be helpful.
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