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Thread: Shooting stories/ bullet performance

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    Shooting stories/ bullet performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eda View Post
    I decided we could use another real life shootings thread. Idk maybe I'm bored and am fascinated by the weird stories and morbid details of shootings (I am studying to be a ME, terminal ballistics are cool) so I want to hear your stories. To anyone here who has shot someone, be it in the line of duty or defense of life and limb, how did it go, and what happened? These threads always pop up some interesting stories.
    Let em rip
    “War Stories” on an open forum is bad form, in addition to being potential invitation to a personal shit storm.

    Might wanna rethink your request OP.
    A true "Gun Guy" (or gal) should have familiarity and a modicum of proficiency with most all firearms platforms, as well as the major Food Groups.

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    I shot a cottontail rabbit COM with a 9mm FMJ one day. He hopped off so I shot him in the head. It sure made me think hard about pistols and one-shot-stops.

    I have never shot anyone and I would like that record to continue for the rest of my days.


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    “But I’ll just shoot him”


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