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Thread: Handgun 104 at Sig Sauer Academy

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    Handgun 104 at Sig Sauer Academy

    I just finished the class. It was worth the price of admission.

    Day 1 was outdoor. There was a lot of close work. All shooting under 25 yds. Draw and fire 1 or 2 rounds. Movement was the focus. Turn, Draw and fire. Step. Draw and fire, ect...

    Alternative positions were practiced. Moving, then shooting, shooting while moving. The instructors were great. There was a lot of real world experience passed on.
    There was a lot of
    Discussion about strategy with regard to tactics in different situations. The difference between armed citizens and law enforcement was also discussed.

    Day 2 started with an intro to weak side shooting and weapon manipulation. Then we transitioned to low light techniques

    The 2nd Half of day 2 was scenario based training. This block was invaluable. It shows how you react in a high stress situation. This block was so much fun. Honestly. It was better than the late 80's training that I got in Ranger Bn. Things have evolved.

    Great class. I am looking forward to the next class.

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    Thanks for the AAR. I keep hearing good things about Sig’s classes.
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