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Thread: Current Pecking Order of Pistol-Mounted Red Dot Sights?

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    First time getting into red dots on pistols. I put an rmr on my carry gun. I was nervous about tracking the dot and the window being small. I shot it for the first time this past weekend and I had zero issues. Finding the dot was no problem, tracking the dot was no problem. Everything I was worried about was not an issue. If the dot goes down the blue tint makes it harder to pick up my all black iron sights do I might switch to a fiber up front. I'm satisfied, I was worried I might not be, but I am. Thankfully to because the design of the rmr is very durable which is most of my reason for picking it. My buddy brought his 508c or whatever it was. That was very nice as well. The eotech sure reticle was very fast to pick up. I think I want a holosun 509t for the maxim 9.

    Edit I just won a 509t on eBay. Quit coding me money good. Seriously I'm interested in the closed emitter design. We'll see.

    Also I had a dpp on a 22 rifle and hated it.
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