If anyone lives in Northern or middle VA or even Maryland area and are looking for firearms training; Green Ops provides pistol and carbine training at an outdoor range in Culpeper, VA.

I took their Pistol I course on 3-Apr-2021 and it was really good. We went over fundamentals as well as timed drills shooting from different positions and distances. I've attended other firearms trainings in the past through the military and civilian courses, and it's always good to receive more.

I live a little over an hour's drive from Culpeper, VA - the training site - and it was well worth it to wake up early and make the drive to get more proficient with my pistol.

The instructors at Green-Ops were awesome, our class of about 19 people had four instructors. This allowed time for individualized attention that I needed. I appreciated having a professional critically look at my form and give me feedback. For example, I didn't know I've been holding my pistol incorrectly. One of the instructors pointed out that my off hand wasn't supporting the pistol well enough. My groups tightened up after just that little bit of personal instruction. At the end of the day, I learned that I had a lot to work on e.g. grip, weapon setup, and dry fire drills to work on.

I plan on taking their Carbine I course next.