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Thread: Ghostmendesigns Holsters for Stacatto P Duo

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    Ghostmendesigns Holsters for Stacatto P Duo

    I ordered a holster from this guy after Garandthumb promo'd the guys stuff. But it has been a hot minute since I ordered and very little coms from the guy.

    He said he got a rush PD or some such order and I got pushed back. Otherwise my coms get ignored.

    Anyone with Experince or history with this vendor. I'm hoping I get my holster soon but wanted to see if anyone has any feedback to give me optimism.

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    He is slammed right now. The Garand Thumb video blew up business for him, along with others promoting his business for Staccatos. He is also the main guy doing Sig P320 to Walther PDP duty holster conversions. The website shows lead of 4-8 weeks, realistically I'm planning on waiting longer for my PDP holster.
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