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Thread: Leupold Delta Point Pro 6 MOA

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTR03 View Post
    Are you not concerned about the relative fragility of the Delta Point? If this is a duty type gun, its going to get hit, bumped, rolled on, and maybe even dropped.... Take a look at Sage Dynamics and Aaron experience with the delta point. its not only that it broke, its that it was shattered to the point of being unusable.

    Not sure why you are quoting me on DP Pro durability, as I was discussing dot size. My wife and I broke 31 DP Pros at last count, and worked with Leupold to understand why, and test the fixes they made.

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    Replying to multiple responses... I like the large window of the DPP especially with NVGs or a Gas Mask. I can use whatever I want at work (Army SF) as long as it isnít junk. I know the DPPs have some fragility issues however; after all the testing and samples put through hard use; Range 37 selected the DPP for SFARTAETC. Which is a perfect test bed for actual training use and vetted by real world experience across SOCOM.
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