Thought some of you might enjoy this story as I've been waiting 20 years for it...happened right after 9/11 & everyone here was wondering why terrorists would attack South Padre Island. We all knew there were fisherman on sight when it collapsed, but never got any sort of follow up or local interviews. Turns out both the fisherman & the three survivors were under a gag order due to 9/11 even though not related??

It is a long interview but very well told with a whole lot of drama & detail....I broke it down into several sits while surfing. The Coast Guard was 10mins away & took 1.5 hours and absolutely failed in their duties, which was really surprising to me all things considered. What these 7 folks went through is probably movie worthy. There is a little bit of everything & think some of you will appreciate the rest of the story. Even a little 'supernatural' for Steyr towards the end.