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Thread: 16” midlength vs 20” rifle length bolt life

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek45 View Post
    I think so.

    Years ago, when I built an AR for 3-gun matches, I went with an 18" rifle length gas tube.

    It shoots very soft

    That’s hot. All of it. Is that Bushmaster lower?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warp View Post
    Back when I was new to the forum I tried to get the people who called themselves experts or professionals or insiders to tell me what an appropriate preventative maintenance schedule on a bolt in a carbine gas 16" would be.

    I never could get an answer out of anybody. Just "until it breaks there's no such thing as PM on a rifle" or "you won't get there".

    Have things changed?

    Is there some kind of a guideline or consensus on how long a "it has to work" bolt in a high stress application should be trusted?

    Let's say my run of the mill BCM bolt in a suppressed SBR running full power 5.56 with an oversize BCM gas port that operates violently. How many rounds till you (anybody) would go ahead and swap that bolt?

    Or is it still "you can't break an AR15 bolt"?
    Every time you shoot, clean the bolt and inspect it. When you see a crack replace it.

    You will see a crack with the naked eye long before it becomes dangerous.

    In a test, they actually cut off the two lugs that normally fail first, the two either side of the extractor and shot them. The two bolts lasted 720 and 1800 rounds before the guns failed the NO-GO headspace measurement and they stopped. Note that is the NO-GO, not the FIELD gauge.

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