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Thread: Rare Opportunity to Take MVT Course in Texas

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    Rare Opportunity to Take MVT Course in Texas

    I came across this opportunity to take an MVT H.E.A.T.1 course in Texas in February of 2022. I know February sounds like a long way off, but it gives you time to get your ammo together for the class.

    This class is the basic Small Unit Class that takes your square range drills to the next level. This is perfect for those wanting to experience and learn shoot, move, and communicate drills.

    I can highly recommend taking this class, and it will get you ready for the Texas 2023 class which is alumni only. Of course MVT has other classes up at their West Virginia training center, but if you're in Texas, save travel time and money and get to this class!

    There's also a H.E.A.T. 1 class in Oklahoma.

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    While not in Texas, I've taken MVT courses at their facility in West Virginia and it's high quality training, personally I think they probably offer the best training available in SUT and they take the mechanics of shooting and put things into the real world. There's this tendency among other trainers to focus solely on weapon manipulation and flat range drills that don't translate to real world and create 'training scars'. If you get the opportunity to train with MVT, I highly recommend it! I haven't been able to make it down for the Texas course, but I've heard lots of great feedback from those that have.

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    Here's another +1 for Max and MVT.

    You can't go wrong training there. Most of their classes I've done multiple times over and will likely do many more times over also.


    1. To become and stay proficient in these skills. Training is never a "one and done" affair.
    2. It's not "tactical tourism" at MVT, you seriously train and there is no better place for SUT, period.
    3. It's fun as hell and I enjoy it
    4. You will meet a ton of like minded folks while sharpening your skills.
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