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Thread: Leupold Mark 3HD line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokarev View Post
    Price and name recognition should help these sell.

    I think the 1.5-4 will do okay if it is daylight bright and durable.

    With all that said, I think Leupold is somewhat stuck in the 1990s with the magnification choice.
    I've owned a couple VX-Rs in the past, one of which was decent and two of which were defective out of the box. The 2.5:1 zoom ratio was not quite as absurd 8-10 years ago as it is today, and the fiberoptic illumination was a lot less common then.

    There seem to be some Fudds, err, people, who will buy just about anything if it's their preferred brand. The Springfield Armory M1A continues to sell well despite the fact that it's a bad knockoff of a rifle that was obsolete and stupid on the very day it was introduced to US military service. So I'm sure Leupold will get some sales... my 2 cents.
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    As long as it has typical Leupold durability and good glass, the 4-12 should be a solid, light weight option at the sub-$600 price point.

    I've got three 3-9 VX-R Patrols, but I paid well under $600 for them (under $400 for the latest), and the Mark 3HD seems to improve on the VX-R's weak points, being adjustment turrets and illumination brightness adjustment method.

    If I were in the market for good and light, sub $500 4-12-ish optic, I'd consider one.

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    LE/MIL pricing on these should be pretty good, given the MSRPs. Curious how they track and how much “HD” actually means with regard to glass.

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