For anyone wanting one-sided (Chris’ side) about his involuntary departure from Colt, here is the relevant quote from that link.

…I was employed by Colt Defense. As soon as the new CEO took over, there were a lot of promotions, and that engineer I mentioned was allowed to go after anyone he wanted…and if wanted to fire someone, he did. And that’s what they did. He claimed one of the articles I wrote disparaged the company.

Q: Disparaged how, if you don’t mind me asking?

Chris Bartocci, Small Arms Solutions: Well, the same information was in Black Rifle II. But this was an article I wrote about Lewis Machine and Tool. The article talked about the LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group. I noted that LMT had been asked by SOCOM to develop an improved bolt carrier group because at the time, the Colt bolts were breaking and they were having extraction issue with the M4. This was a year that Colt was having a lot of problems. So, when I did my review of this product, I stated that it was developed because of deficiencies in the M4. Well they took that as me being anti-Colt, and they were able to get me canned over it.