The Concealed Carry 2 (202) is an intermediate 2-day class on the fundamentals of everyday carry. In this intermediate carry class, students learn the essential skills for concealing and drawing a pistol under a variety of environmental and logistical considerations. Contact range shooting will focus on quickly defeating the cover garment for fast shots on target while extended range shooting will focus on accuracy under pressure. Subjects include various concealed carry methods, drawstroke techniques, hand position, defeat methodology, supporting equipment and defensive mindset. A major objective is the ability to defeat any cover garment then deliver quick and effective shots to stop an deadly force threat. Supporting objectives include movement, choosing cover garments, verbal commands, ammunition management and strong hand only.

Basic Carry Gear:
Defensive pistol, 9mm recommended
1,000 rounds of practice ammunition
25 rounds of defense ammunition
5 x pistol magazines minimum (8 for single stacks)
5 x inert training rounds
Training uniform required:
Polo or T-shirt
Button-down shirt
Jacket or coat
Sweater or hoodie
Concealed carry gear
Sturdy belt
Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster
Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster
Single and or double magazine pouch
Handheld flashlight with pocket clip
Clear/tinted ballistic wrap around eye protection
Hearing protection
Cleaning kit and lubrication
Notebook and pencil
Water and snacks
Open mind
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