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Thread: Suppressor mount conversion options.

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    Is the Xeno really that much shorter than the Keymo? On the Xeno, the wrench flats still show while the silencer is installed on the gun. How long is that section? 1/4Ē? 3/8Ē? The adapter itself adds like 5/8Ē to the can, so it looks like added length is between 3/4Ē and 1Ē. Its definitely lighter, and the design seems well thought-out, to me. I love the short-ish, simple birdcage aesthetic, which is a radical departure from Dead Airís long ass Keymo devices, which themselves are now available shorter, also. Iím certain that when FCD makes a A2-ish mount for it, it will be the bees knees as far as muzzle devices go, much like their other FHs. The brake also seems cool, and has no need for timing. Iím sure when this line is fully mature, the Xeno will end up with time-able brakes and comps, too.

    The Keymo adds around ~1.25Ē. Plan B looks (I donít have one) around .4Ē, Plan A adds ~.2Ē, plan A XL adds 1Ē (.8Ē over the OG Plan A), which is required for some of Griffinís devices to fit inside a Nomad or Rex can. It seems to me that while the Xeno has a similar, but perhaps better, design than Q or Griffinís thread-on taper mounts, the added length is in between those and the Keymo.

    I wonder if Dead Air plans on any new cans built around this new mount, using a deeper blast chamber rather than an extending adapter similar to Plan A XL. A shorter adapter would be cool, too, but would have limited applications. YHM might work. Or a ďminimalistĒ mount ending at the taper.

    Not directed at anyone in particular, but some people repeatedly hate on companies that make superficially similar-looking cans or devices to another company, calling them copycats. I find it interesting that I havenít noticed those people remarking on the Xeno, which implies that Dead Airís social media marketing techniques work well to affect perception, buying them a pass.

    Roger, I know that Griffin is likely to be an ass about collaborating, but Iíd be down for 5 Plan A 6315s. Pipe dreams, I know.
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    I'm waiting to see what other people adopt the Xeno format. Don't know what licensing arrangement DA is promoting, or intends in the future. I hope they commoditize with open license, but we'll see. They're being tight about it now. At any rate I'm waiting for FCD as well.

    As for the mob... It helps that folks like Mike. Personality goes a long way.
    Also helps that as everyone and their mother has some form of a comp, tined FH, a taper with threads fore, aft, ratcheted, tool flats here, there, everywhere, etc.... the "copy" complaint gets lost in the noise.

    So on that note, it's probably not in Griffin's business interest to collaborate, but to further the lock in.

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