Let me throw up some quick disclaimers, even though I think everyone who reads this and everyone in the industry already knows this.

Everything I write is based on my experiences and training, both in the military and in police work. In addition, I am a multi platform armorer and multi platform firearm instructor with everything from introductory level, to advanced firearm usage and tactics. My experiences and training as well as the above are unique and my own, I don't talk for any certain company, and I am a company rep for no one.

That being said, I've been known to take pictures and write articles. I often take pictures for companies, and have probably worked with the majority of companies in one way or another in the firearm industry. I have been paid by companies for pictures (website, catalog, adwork etc), as well as magazine articles (not paid by the firearm companies, paid by the magazines). If you see a picture from me, there is a high likelihood that I know someone, know people who are paid, have been given items, have been paid at one time, have traded items, have bought items at reduced or full prices, am friends with, or have some other level of involvement with persons or owners.

I know most of the people, that includes the good and bad players in the game. No one gets a free pass. If a product is good, I may include it in articles or shoot pics of it, or write about my experiences with it. If a product is poor, I send it back, and yes it happens. I have neither the time nor the interest to write up articles about garbage, not do I have the interest in bad mouthing someones company with very, very few exceptions. If I speak negative about a company, its typically because their product creates damage to persons or equipment. I am highly selective about what I include in pictures or articles or comments on forums.

Lastly, there are companies which I have written and verbal NDAs in place. There are times that I can not comment about things which have happened in development, or are upcoming. That is common sense and just being a decent person. There is no need to air dirty laundry in public. Just like there is no reason to push rumors around. Comments made to me via email or IM/ DM are not mentioned in public unless everyone is clear it is for public info.

I think this is all pretty common sense, I know some people won't like the idea that I have been paid, just like there are people who don't like that I've been MIL or LEO. Somehow, I'm fine with any or all of that, For the people who don't understand the above, what I'm saying is that a company can't pay me to write up good things about them or their product. Its pretty common right now on youtube for guys to be paid to do a video and give glowing reviews, but that isn't me.

Thanks for your time and reading this.


ETA- In the same manner as the above, for people posting in this section, please relay based on your personal experiences. If your frame of reference is that you read something on another site, please phrase it accordingly. There is nothing wrong with gathering info from a variety of sources, problems tend to occur when people present something as factual when they are actually just commenting based on something someone else said/ wrote. By the time you get to third hand guessing games, info can be pretty distorted.