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Thread: Bravo Actual: Rack Out sleep aid

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    Bravo Actual: Rack Out sleep aid

    Anybody used this?

    I take OTC sleeping pills of various kinds to help with my insomnia and constantly changing schedule.

    Hoping to find something healthier....
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    It has some decent ingredients that support sleep. Melatonin can be useful IMO. I have found that it helps you stay asleep if you have issues with that. it doesnt personaly help me go to sleep, but does ruduce how many times i wake up. It also has 5-htp which can help relax, as well as zinc, magnesium, and GABA which can all help with sleep. Vitamin D is good to take regardless

    I would say it is worth a shot as it looks safe IMO. The only thing i dont like is that it list a proprietary blend and not the exact dose of each supplement you receive in a serving.

    Have you tried just straight Melatonin? I would start there if not, as it is cost effective and works well for many people. Start with 1 mg and see how it works. I take 3mg only at times i think i will need it


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