The past year has produced record setting firearms sales. While many previous gun owners and perhaps even a few of us have participated in those numbers many of these purchases were by first time gun owners. You may even know a few. On June 26th S&T is offering a class just for them.

The New Gun Owners class is designed for the first time gun owner who is looking for a basic foundation in safe gun handling. There will be two classes on the 26th.

From 0900 to 1300 we will be holding a Handgun class for new pistol and revolver owners. Students will need their handgun, at least two magazines for semi-autos, eye and ear protection, a simple belt mounted holster (an inexpensive nylon rig that securely holds the handgun will be fine), and 150 rounds of ammunition.

From 1330 to 1730 we will hold a new rifle owner's class for semi-automatic rifles like the AR15 or pistol caliber carbine. Students will need their rifle, two magazines, eye and ear protection and 150 rounds of ammunition.

Topics covered will include:
Firearms safety
Safe storage
Fundamentals of shooting
Ready Positions
Live fire drills
Mind set
Simple maintenance

Cost for each class is $75.00. If you have any questions please contact me at or via phone at 610-730-1974.