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Thread: MI-STAP-SF Side Folder

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    MI-STAP-SF Side Folder

    ETA on when these might show back up? Looking to swap out stock on my MCX.
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    We will begin machining the next run of them on a few weeks. I would say 6-8 weeks.
    thank you for your interest.



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    Question: Is there any way the STAP-SF can be retrofitted with a thumbscrew or lever release to replace the screw assembly, something like or the thumbscrews on some optic mounts? I'm penciling out a "quick-change" backend kit as part of a Ruger Charger "convertible" project I'm considering, and needing an Allen wrench is one of the sticky parts on the concept. (Yes, I could use the same tube in both braced pistol and stocked rifle setups and just swap 'em on the same tube like an AR, but then I have to fight with installing/removing length of pull limiters and that kinda negates the "Quick Change Kit" concept.)
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