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Thread: Housing market

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    been kinda looking in Portugal

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    Quote Originally Posted by FromMyColdDeadHand View Post
    Utah, Salt Lake City? Sure you have rhino GOP like Romney, and those people can go back to progressive in a heartbeat, but I don’t know if it would go Democrat. Maybe the Mormon influence and less alcohol, and no weed? Will make the California locusts stay away.
    If I have to live in SLC or someplace just to maintain my "normal existence" I might as well just start stacking bodies.
    It's hard to be a ACLU hating, philosophically Libertarian, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, scientifically grounded, agnostic, porn admiring gun owner who believes in self determination.

    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SteyrAUG View Post
    If I have to live in SLC or someplace just to maintain my "normal existence" I might as well just start stacking bodies.
    Interestingly enough, that was the runner up for the Chamber of COmmerce’s slogan to promote SLC. From the same people that wrote “Nebraska, it’s not for everyone.”

    Of course, I’m trying to stay low humidity and gator free.
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    I just sold my my house in VA because in March I took a job in SC. I got deployed overseas in May so I hope that house prices start falling in March - April 2022.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THCDDM4 View Post
    The real question people should be asking if their states are being taken over by the progressive blue plague is this: "Where can I go?"

    Where? They are infesting every traditionally red state like locusts and out breeding Conservatives. They inject themselves into local politics and fvck everything up and have all the time in the world to just push their BS on everyone else- living off of .gov money either from welfare programs or college loans, or .gov jobs they just soak it all up and have the time to be active in politics whereas I am working my ass off to provide for my family and pay for their shit!

    They infest the city centers and control the rural lands through numbers and force their politics and laws on everyone in the state- it's wrong and unjust, but reality right now.

    It's infuriating.

    So where do you go?

    Where in this country won't be turned into shit from the progressive blue plague?

    That's the real pandemic we are facing, much more dangerous and deadly than the CoofRona.

    I used to love Colorado, I mean really love her, but now I hate, HATE it with a passion, what it has become is enough to make me snap. I've become a stranger in a place I once called home, I'm not even welcome here anymore.

    Where can I go that won't see the same thing happen?

    I used to think Texas, Idaho or Montana- but saw the writing on the wall, then Wyoming, writing on the wall... Where?

    I'm looking for Galt's Gulch right about now.
    Great questions, great points. In NC there are still plenty of rural areas that are deep red. Me, I am jonesing to go back 'down east' to a rural area, place on a creek or small river that is a tributary to something bigger that flows out to a sound and to the sea. Little john boat or Carolina skiff.

    I am sure other states are the same.

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