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Thread: Reload 32 S&W Blank Cases with Bullets

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    Reload 32 S&W Blank Cases with Bullets

    This is a bit strange, I understand.

    I have a 32 S&W (aka 32 S&W Short) Iver Johnson revolver that is pre-smokeless/black powder only. I would like to create black powder loads for it.

    32 S&W blanks are available and not really priced a lot higher than unprimed brass (that is impossible to find anyway right now).

    What is to stop me pulling the cardboard wad, dumping and discarding the powder, removing the crimp, and loading the primed cases?


    P.S. I fully understand that powder from blanks cannot be used for anything but fertilizer.

    P.P.S. I also realize this is as much a mental exercise as a practical idea.
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    Nothing, go for it.

    Not every reloading exercise needs to be practical


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