I have 500rds of brass case , PPU 124gr NATO. I purchased this around 4 years ago from sgammo. It was listed as military surplus and has sealed primers. This ammo is loaded HOT. I am not an ammunition expert but I would guess it is +P+. Blows primers in a Ruger P85 and bulges cases in a CZ Scorpion carbine ( I have an empty case from the Scorpion ). It showed no signs of excessive pressure out of an HK ( P30SK ). I also chrony'd it ( cannot remember the velocity ) and it was shooting faster than Winchester 124gr NATO, Q4318. To be crystal clear, this ammo is too hot for my liking and that is why I want to trade.

I am looking to trade for 500rds of 124gr NATO Winchester Q4318. The Q4318 is what I am stocked up on and is the only ammo I am interested in.

No shipping, FTF only in the WMBG/JCC area