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Thread: Need Razor HD 1-6 Mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPM View Post
    Were you using a fat wrench?
    Yes, mine is a little bit more precise than a fat wrench. But yes I was doing it to torque value.

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    I have a Warne Ex Skeleton or whatever they call it. Decent mount. Fairly heavy duty. Non-QD and priced at around $125 or so depending on who's selling and/or has in stock. Fairly light too at probably 6 ounces.

    Only thing I guess I don't like is that there's no dedicated recoil lug machined into the mount. It relies on the mounting bolts to interface with the receiver. But at least the bolts are machined square where they meet the receiver.

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    I ended up picking up a used midway qd mount for $125 shipped.

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