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Thread: Modernizing the Mk 12 SPR: Recce or Not?

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    I too once set about assembling an SPR, with the qualification of it being a more accurate, longer range semi-auto in our weapons battery.

    Using the (now) classic model of the MK12 type SPR, I soon realized that, though a monumental evolution at the time, it's truest incarnation is a bit outdated.

    Though I stuck with the 18" barrel, I went with a more modern, slimmer fore end, a 1-6 LPVO, and a collapsible stock.

    Things like an LPVO and a stock that's lighter and has adjustable LOP represent the modern advancement of the concept, in my opinion.

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    I don't have any down range experience with the MK12 or 262; but one of my buddies who did, swears he preferred the mk12 for a lot of missions. High rate of fire (compared to a bolt action), large magazine, RELIABLE (unlike SR25's) light weight, and excellent follow up shot made it very potent out too 700 yards or so. Keep in mind the context of the early GWOT and all the guns we actually had access too (not much). In 2021 though I would say that a good 16" barrel with a 1-8 LPVO and a match trigger is better than the OG SPR in quite a few ways.

    My own personal guns include a 16" 556 that sports a 1-8 on occasion, and a 18" 6.5CM with a 4-16. Both of these 'harken' back to the mk12; but differentiate themselves where necessary to be more mission capable. I can say that xm2010 is a beast of a rifle; but man is it heavy.

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    As a late-to-the-party outsider, it sounds almost like the offshoot Mod Holland (which I'm kinda hazy on the differences between it and a Recce) might be a better candidate for "modernizing" than the parent Mk 12. Admittedly, I still have a lot to learn about all three...
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