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Thread: Scottsdale, AZ man tied up and robbed by multiple armed intruders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner View Post
    Simple precautions, may have mitigated this event.
    Absolutely. Dogs, etc. Assuming the attack is real, there's a lot of steps that could have tipped the scales in the favor of the victim.
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    The wife and I lock the door between the house and the attached garage every night. You do not need a garage door opener to gain access and the time it takes to kick in the inside door will buy you a few seconds time.

    Windows can be broken, alarms deactivated and unless you have 360 degree outside camera coverage, home invaders can work around your camera system. If a person can move to a camera without being seen, spray foam can be used to block the lens. At least one dog, inside the home, is a great idea.

    The whole family should participate in practicing what to do in the event of a home invasion. If a firearm is part of the home security plan, the whole family should know what is gong to happen and who is going to do it. Don't rule out having at least one edged weapon within arms reach of where you are sleeping. Keep a cell phone next to the bed.

    Things can get really ugly in a hurry and it helps to have a plan in place.
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