1 Day (8 Hour) Beginner Carbine Oct 9, 2021 9am-5pm Boise, ID

Registration available at www.CombatAbsolute.com

Cost: $185

Training Location: Double Tapp Range, 14010 E. Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716

Course Description:
This is a beginner level carbine course, which will prepare you for "higher speed" rifle courses. This class will cover basic fundamentals necessary to properly utilize the carbine system. Proper weapon manipulation, emergency reloads, tactical reloads, malfunctions, zeroing procedures, ballistic trajectory, positional shooting and movement in a 360 degree environment will be covered.

Diagnostic feedback will be provided throughout the day. This course is a tremendous way to run your gear and find out what works for you and what may not.

As this is an entry level carbine course, transitions to pistol will not be covered and you will not need a pistol for this course.

Necessary Equipment:
-Carbine/AR-15 WITH sling (slings are mandatory)
-Three magazines (or more if desired)
-Magazine pouch
-300 rounds ammunition (no green tip/penetrator ammo)
-Eye and ear protection
-Personal food and hydration needs for the day (range does not have water source)
-State/government issued identification
-Weather appropriate clothing/gear (we shoot rain or shine)

Class will take place at Double Tapp Range, located at 14010 E Double Tapp Lane, Boise, ID 83716.

***ROUND COUNT approximately 300 (no green tip ammo)***