Hi everyone,

I am a USMC veteran in the process of starting my own tactical gear company, Argonauts Tactical™. However, before I do I need the help from you guys, the tactical gear community.

Having come from a Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAAT) platoon which, operates primarily in Humvees, I am all too familiar with the back pain associated with wearing a plate carrier in a vehicle as well as the awkwardness of having a bulky IFAK sticking off you as you try to get into/out of and maneuver inside the vehicle. I am currently developing an IFAK that would be placed on the small of your back and act as lumbar support and can be easily removed to be deployed. Not only does it help with those who operate in a vehicle to give proper back support, but it also keeps it out of the way for optimal mobility when on foot.

I have two requests, both of which are primarily for patrol officers, private security, or any other armed professional whose job it is to wear a plate carrier while operating in a vehicle, however, opinions from the community as a whole would also be greatly appreciated:

First, as a general question, is this concept something you guys would be interested in?

Second, I have a questionnaire prepared specifically about your usages of IFAKs. It is 12 questions long and should take about 10 minutes of your time if you are willing.

I can be contacted here on the forum, through direct messaging, and my email at argonautstactical@gmail.com

I greatly appreciate all of your time. Thank you!

- Steven

To any moderators: if I have submitted this post in a wrong channel please let me know which channel would be the most appropriate so that I may correct the mistake asap.