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Thread: Non Revolver guy thinking about buying one

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin View Post
    I tend to adhere to shooting fundamentals more fully when shooting J frames; grip, sight picture, trigger, follow through, etc. In my case this is simply because they are more difficult to shoot accurately than a “real gun”. This does tend to result in better hit placement, but slower shot to shot at anything much beyond contact distance.
    Your observation is spot on. I like the challenge.
    Train 2 Win

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    I was raised ole school on revolvers. I really like my Model 29's but I now load them down to strong 44 special levels. Carried a 38 for years until S&W made the 640 in 357. I like to be able to get a slightly higher grip to control the recoil. Damn it is loud even with ear pro.

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