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Thread: Sig 320 safety issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin248 View Post
    Notably the military issue p320's do have a manual safety and there aren't any reports I've seen of the military pistols firing on their own.

    That tells me that the issue is resolved by a trigger safety, and most likely that issue was inadvertent manipulation of the trigger.
    There have been mechanical ADís with M17s.

    Doesnít mean most M17/320 unintentional discharges arenít negligent rather than accident / mechanical failures.

    The manual safety on the M17/18/320 only blocks the trigger bar. It does not block the the striker.

    The issue with certain original design 320, upgraded 320s and m17s is a mechanical failure of the sear / striker engagement.

    Hence in those intakes of actual mechanical failure, the manual safety locking the trigger bar has zero effect.

    Anyone saying all 320s or all the incidents are the same are wrong regardless of which side they are taking.

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    There's a detent that doesn't block the striker, but certainly does mechanically prevent it from moving. The trigger has to move at least through the initial travel for that detent to be withdrawn. The upgraded P320's also have a second ledge on the sear surface to catch the striker if it slips off the first.

    I've never heard a convincing explanation of how it could fire without the trigger moving at least far enough to retract the striker safety detent, and far enough so that the striker isn't captured by the second ledge on the sear.

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