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Thread: M193 vs 9mm JHP cost vs effectiveness, other factors...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpoon View Post
    I know there are lots of reports of M855 penciling right thru people, but it frags all over the place in gel test shots. Of course humans are not made of ballistic gelatin.
    Shooting them up close, it shuts dudes down fast. Generally. Further out, it is more barrel length and random chance dependent.

    Edit: please donít take this anecdote as an endorsement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zack991 View Post
    I have been happy using it for a simple training round as well as a basic self defense load. I like the black hills 77grain round they offer for my go to war kit. I hate the green tip crap everyone talks up. We had issues with it overseas just zipping through and not doing much damage to the targets.
    In the Corps we didnít have that issue with green tip. We we using A4ís though and then went to MK318 SOST which is even better. Green tip is fine out of a 16+ inch barrel
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    You are both correct in observations of M855.

    Search terms: AOA and fleet yaw

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