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Thread: Glock frames with straighter grip angle

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    Quote Originally Posted by chamber143 View Post
    I donít think a p320/1911 angle is possible with a Glock unfortunately.
    The Glock 19ís factory grip side profile is almost exactly the same as the 1911a1ís. After a backstrap reduction as detailed above, its nearly identical to that of a non-a1 1911. In fact, in both of those cases, its actually closer to a 1911 or 1911a1 than most guns that people think are 1911-y. They tend to be steeper than a 1911.

    The P320, in fact, is slightly steeper than a 1911, by more than the amount a G19 is off. So, the G19 is actually closer to a 1911(a1). Donít take my word for it, check Handgun Hero.

    Iíve got pictures demonstrating this here with the actual weapons:

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