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Thread: Handguns or extremely short carbines are the tool for house clearing

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    The military has an acronym for everything, and one analytical tool we use is called "METT-T."

    Mission - Enemy - Terrain - Troops (available) - and Time.

    What is your enemy's (bad guy / possible bad guy[s]) Most Dangerous (to you) Course of Action? What is his Most Likely Course of Action? What is your acceptable level of risk?

    In civilian parlance, pick the right tool for the job. If you have a whole gun safe or gun room, which should you pick for the nightstand (or in this case, the original poster's scenario)? Kinda like a new golfer getting handed a big bag of loaner clubs.

    If your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like nails.

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    I think a short carbine like an AR SBR is ideal for home defense use. At least for me. One thing is I carried something very similar for 28 years in the Army. The AR platform is so second nature to me, it's what I'm best with of any weapon I own. That's the biggest thing. It's also not that heavy, doesn't recoil that much, fires 30 rounds of a relatively good cartridge, and is packaged small enough that any doorway or hallway isn't going to be a problem. You have rifle like stability in shooting it with two handed control, plus a cheekweld, and the stock on your shoulder, and it's slung so you can go hands free when needed. It's most likely gonna be fitted (mine is) with a red dot, and a light giving you very fast target acquisition, and positive target ID in any lighting conditions.
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