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Thread: Thrive Life Food?

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    Thrive Life Food?

    Anyone here have any/much experience with Thrive Life freeze fried foods?

    I am having trouble finding much on the quality of their products and the actual shelf life.

    All I really know is that they are a multi level marketing operation and their products are a little more expensive than other companies.
    They changed their name from Shelf Reliance to Thrive Life back around 2009.

    Most of the info out their appears to be from their "consultants", extolling the virtues of being a consultant. No real info.

    I am interested in the quality of the product, not selling it.

    Looking for real world experience.....

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    I keep trying different brands, and keep ending up back to Mountain House.

    I trust their quality and it tastes good. Can't risk getting sick or ill in a situation where I'm out hiking or need to survive on them.

    Only buy on sale, like REI sales or with coupons. They're already pretty expensive.


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