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Thread: Upgrading an old Surefire VTAC KX2c

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    Upgrading an old Surefire VTAC KX2c

    I have this old VTac Surefire with a kx2c head. I believe it's like 150 or 200 lumens. Is there a way to upgrade it with a modern high output head, or is it going to blow up? I stuck a 500 lumen m300 had on it, and it turned on, but didn't seem as bright as when it was on the m300.

    I don't have any pressing need for it, but I found it in a forgotten parts bin, and I don't like waste. Alternatively, does it have any resale value?

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    Any modern scout head will drop on. When you popped on the M300 head, did you put in fresh batteries? The KX2C isn't a bad head. Low lumen compared to new stuff, but you should be looking at a decent 2+ hour run time so it does have that.
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