I picked up two of these for $9.99 a piece at Aim surplus.
I couldnít find any reviews, on these new mags, but for $9.99 a piece, I figured Iíd give em a shot.

My G-17 is not complete yet, so initial function test, preformed by my AR9.

Side by side comparison with ETS, and P-mags

First impressions seem very good, with the build quality, although there are some minor teething issues to report.
I had to adjust both mags with my file, to get the mag catch to lock them in. No big deal, but neither the ETS, or the Magpul needed any modifications.
Also, the mags are both a very tight fit in the 9s mag well, nothing some good ole 120 grit sp couldnít correct, but again...the ETS, and Magpul are both drop free.
P-mags, and ETS are both seemingly easier to hand load....these Strike-Mags have a whole lot of spring pressure...loading them is almost painful!
The follower does not seem capable of nose diving.
Hand cycling function test was absolutely flawless.

In my opinion, these mags could be very good mags, with a little help. The polymer seems to be very high quality, and the design seems sound. Just a little tweaking required.

I am heading to the range in a bit for the live fire test.
Will report the results.