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Thread: Holosun 403R: Less parallax error than my first gen Aimpoint R-1 micro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aries144 View Post
    Regarding parallax, this guy's youtube channel is pretty good. A little heavy on the background music, but the useful video through optics showing parallax more than makes up for it.
    Is the Aimpoint dot spread that bad in person? It is pretty ugly in that video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VIP3R 237 View Post
    Canít wait to see the holosun PVS-14ís for $1k. That being said at that price point Iíd buy one haha
    The one thing I've always been cautious of when it comes to commie surplus / production is night vision. Some of that early Russian Night Vision was actually harmful to eyesight. Given that the Chinese think nothing of selling us poisonous dog food, not sure I'm gonna trust their NV tech.

    People that won't trust our government when it comes to covid vaccines think nothing of buying certain things from China that are likely a much greater health risk.
    It's hard to be a ACLU hating, philosophically Libertarian, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, scientifically grounded, agnostic, porn admiring gun owner who believes in self determination.

    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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