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Thread: Unity/Vertx Clutch pouch options

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    Unity/Vertx Clutch pouch options


    Ordered a vertx clutch during their Labor Day sale. I don’t plan on using it to carry a handgun. I intend on using it to haul mostly mags and other gear in lieu of a battle belt. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience using certain pouches over others. IE: kydex pouches with Velcro as opposed to cloth such as esstac or tacos with Velcro attached.

    Also: could I just use kydex inserts to retain mags?

    I searched but only saw EE threads.

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    Been running Esstac KYWI Midlength 5.56 pouches with velcro wrap through the molle. I've had a few kydex pouches break on me in the past, "I think" a pouch like the Esstac will hold up better over time. I have about a year on the system so far.

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    Tagged for interest. Iíve been thinking about a Clutch for a while, and theyíve come down wonderfully in price.

    As to the mag pouches, you can probably score some low-end Kydex mag pouches off of eBay for a good price. Might even be able to get a pouch insert like a Haley and stick some adhesive Velcro to the back and see if that would work with the beltís elastic cells. They use elastic for the inserts on the Spiritus and other rigs, I just donít know how wide the cells on the Clutch are comparatively.


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