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Thread: What's your "impossible" fantasy build?

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    What's your "impossible" fantasy build?

    By impossible, what I mean is it's literally not possible due to parts incompatibility etc.

    My fantasy build would be LMT MRP Mlok Upper with KAC E3 gas system.

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    Let's take it tip to butt.

    Precision Armament AFAB $110
    BRT LPR 16 w/ GB & GT $330
    BCM MCMR 13 $180
    BCM mk2 upper $130
    G CH $80
    G REBCG $325
    G BUIS $200

    Radian Ambi lower $425
    Larue MBT2s $110??
    A5 buffer tube w/green spring $120??
    BCM stock and pistol grip $90?

    $2,100 for a fully ambidextrous, light weight, low recoil, accurate, Bomb proof reliability; that I could use punching cardboard and steel or larping. For reference this is my "jUsT As Guud aZ Sr 15" impression. It costs a cool $600 less than the KAC and should be pretty competitive in most aspects. Also just like the KAC, its mostly out of stock.

    This is my latest dream blaster. It will be a dream cause most of the parts are OOS, or I cant afford them cause some chick is expecting a new ring.
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    The thing about this is that most parts can be compatible with some $$, or they cancel each other’s benefits out by their design. Even the OP’s example is possible…

    Anyway, I mostly have what I think is my fantasy build, but I could tweak things a bit, and not all the parts are on a single rifle/upper.

    LMT MWS receiver extension set up with an A5 system; slightly shorter than a formal A5 extension, but works fine
    JP SCS set up to run an A5 system
    FCD upper no FA and with the bleedoff valve
    KAC URX4
    *Edit: I am not sure of weight, but I’d probably prefer Colt Canada/LMT’s monolithic M-LOK upper to 10.75” rail equivalent, no FA, and a bleedoff valve. So there’s your truly “impossible” item.
    BRT EXC 12.5 pencil barrel or a profile equivalent to BCM’s ELW fluted
    FCD 6315KM
    K can set up to use Keymo, but with a reflex design that brings to about the length of the Saker K but lighter weight and more volume
    Geissele Super Tricon with SSA springs but SSA-E break

    That’d be about it.

    *Add for the heck of it:

    That cool Riflespeed adjustable gas system. Because why not. Give yourself some more flexibility to tune to specific ammo.
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    Nothing incompatible here, just impossible to get in the US. Dimaco C8 Netherlands carbine. I just like the way it looks. What I have serves me well.

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    For me? Maybe the below, maybe with a 16" new KAC version along with it.

    ETA- While we are asking, you guys can get me a second RMJ Shrike also...


    Board policy mandates I state that I shoot for BCM. I have also done work for 200 or so manufacturers within the firearm community. I am prior service, a full time LEO, firearm instructor, armorer, TL, martial arts instructor, and all around good guy.

    I also shoot and write for various publications. Let me know if you know cool secrets or have toys worthy of an article...

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    I’ll take an M249-15 with one of those fancy new fangled triggers that make the gun go faster.
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    KAC decided to discontinue all of their legacy FF RAS handguards. So my dreams of building another 14.5” RAS-MRE carbine, or installing another 7” FF RAS on my next M4 build are dead in the water.

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    I think most of what I could ever want could be put together, but I guess this would be mine:

    14.5 pencil profile mid-length KAC barrel (e3) with FSP and A1 upper with a brass deflector and no forward assist.
    AEM5-ish suppressor that was reflex style, but titanium and had a more modern baffle stack, maybe something like a reflex Dead air Nomad or CGS Hyperion K
    A direct 30mm mount for a NF nx8 or something similar (lightweight LPVO) for the carry handle, no picatinny to rings required.

    Everything else I think I could source already like an A5 buffer system for the lower, good trigger, mount for an optic on the carry handle. I get it's a strange list but, like I said, any other build I might want could probably be done with what is already out there currently.

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    An integrally suppressed barrel that has its gas chambers as a sleeve around the barrel rather than grafted to the end of a shorty. Call it a 16" 1/7 with .223 Wylde chamber (all Wyldes I've seen are 1/8) and something like a Geissele Mk16 out to 1/4" short of the muzzle, with enough room between can and rail to lock in MLOK accessories. Folding front BUIS with built in centerlined laser; interchangeable IR/visible red/visible green emitters. A Grip-Pod modified for adjustable grip angle with legs retracted, anything from fully flat forward like the Canadian Cadex back to about 45 degrees like a Thompson, with locking detents every 15 degrees or so. Hybrid LPVO/red dot with an integral laser rangefinder and wireless connection to Kestrel or similar wind/weather gear for built-in ballistic computer.

    Basically a modernized, high-tech Holland or Recce.
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