I'm doing a 2-day AR-15 Armorer class (it's full) November 3 and 4 in Livonia, MI (Detroit area) and we thought we maybe ought to tack on a day of 1911 at the end, so that day is on the schedule for Friday, Nov. 5th, same place: Center Mass Inc. on Plymouth Road in Livonia. Short notice I know; if we don't get enough takers we'll postpone it by Friday this week (Oct 29).

"Armorer class" is a bit of an overstatement (usually that's an 8-week thing in the military after all). It's really more like "Get in touch with the inside of your 1911 and start down the path of really understanding how the parts interact. Get a handle on the leading causes of malfunctions, see what areas are often left sub-optimal by manufacturers." See why we just say "Armorer class"?

Go to Citizen Training Services | Center Mass (centermassinc.com)

Actually, better to just call:
Center Mass
33825 Plymouth Rd, Livonia, MI 48150
(800) 794-1216

From the site-- a little hard to find as you have to go to the AR15 class info and scroll down to the 1911 info :

1911 Armorer School

COST: $199.00 per student

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class will make the internal workings of the 1911 clear to all, using slides, videos and animations. "How it works” will be demystified for students while we study the areas of the design that often are not optimal from the factory or have become worn or have been incorrectly modified by someone. As it is an Armorer class and not a gunsmithing school, there are necessary limitations, and "custom work" will not be the focus.

Fitting safeties and extractors, making trigger pulls safe and reliable, feeding and cycle issues, are all covered. Some "conventional wisdoms" and myths will be examined. The focus is on getting a 1911 safe, reliable, and durable. Bring a 1911 or a few 1911's if you want (it is preferable to be working on one where a little slip-up won't be a disaster).

Students will be provided a few simple tools to keep and a bound book containing tips and info compiled by Ned. Keeping it down to a one-day class means "a lot to do" in one day so this is a full and long day: 7:30 to 5 or 5:30. Safety glasses are absolutely required! A few tools for things like removing grips, and a few cleaning and lubing items are advisable. Ned's website is http://www.m-guns.com ; much of his custom work can be seen at http://www.ltwguns.com

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Students must bring a 1911 pistol (no ammunition), safety glasses, a towel or other working surface to protect the host's tables and a screwdriver.