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Thread: Romanian SAR2 5.45x39 modernized rebuild. 5 mags plus ammo

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    Romanian SAR2 5.45x39 modernized rebuild. 5 mags plus ammo

    So I'm thinking of getting out of 5.45...again, just lost interest in the caliber. I'm looking to make a trade with but will sell.

    At itís core itís a Romanian SAR 2 in 5.45x39. Numbers matching receiver, trunnion, bolt, carrier, dust cover. Original safety and rear sight block as well. Rebarreled by David Santurri of Santurri LTD, with a new cold hammer forged chrome lined AK builder barrel. Chopped to 14.5Ē and then Pinned and welded a Dead Air brake. Combo Jmac customs GBC-13 gas block/front sight. Stainless barrel that I hit with hi temp paint to match. Worn some by gas block.

    I then added a used TDI mlok lower forend and a Romanian aims Bakelite gas tube cover. ALG recoil spring. Also put in an ALG trigger that I profiled and Armacon enhanced safety lever.

    And finished off with a Rifle Dynamics AR adapter, buffer tube, QD end plate and a MFT minimalist stock. And a black Tango down grip.

    Includes 4 metal polish tantal mags ranging in condition. And one Polish circle 11 green translucent mag. All good to go. The v project mag and one tantal mag look almost new.

    Iíll include 300ish rounds of both GT and Russian 7n6, most in boxes some loose.

    This was my take on a modern pm90 in 5.45 or MPi AKS-74. Iíve only shot maybe 100 rounds through it in total. I was having some occasional pierced primers with only the GT, so I had my Smith trim the firing pin. But that didnít come out perfect as I starting having light strikes now, so I bought a new firing pin to be included but that will have to be trimmed because itís a standard Russian AK74 length pin.

    But the rifle seems pretty accurate for what it is. Probably be a 2-2.5 MOA gun. Iíve only shot at 25 yards so far and using a 1X prism they were all very tight.

    Cost for all this was north of $1400, not including mags and ammo, but Iím looking to trade for something else Iím currently interested in. Hereís a list so far:

    B&T GMH9
    KUSA KP9
    Scorpion EVO S1 pistol
    Cmmg banshee
    Other 9mm pistol carbines?
    Beretta 1301 OD green, but any color
    Mossberg 930 spx
    Milled AK
    KUSA KR103
    Arsenal 107R
    WBP Fox
    Mak 90
    7.62 AK under folder, Romy, Yugo etc
    M92 builds or Kits with OG barrel
    Arsenal Sam7k-44
    Nice SKS
    M1 Garand or m1 carbine. Shooter not a collector
    Lever gun in .357 or .44 mag
    FN ps90
    MK12 or MOD H upper
    BH Mk262 ammo
    Factory piston AR15 or other 556 piston guns
    Sig Cross 308
    Old school cool like a pps-43 or ppsh-41
    Ruger mini 14
    Cash +/- depending on trade

    OR sell for $1350 obro shipped for all of it

    Text me or email if interested or want pics

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