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Thread: 20-inch overhaul

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    I think you hit the sweet spot for a 20-incher. I have a few I've set up close to yours.

    My Camp Perry rifle has a slightly heavier barrel. To balance the gun you can remove the butt plate and insert tungsten bars in the storage tubes and pistol grip to bring the balance point between the front and middle of the mag well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdalinesDad View Post
    I have been on the waitlist for a bcm 20 upper for years now I don’t even know if they will make them again, I wanted to do a M16A5 style build.
    Brownells is doing a retro line that includes 20" uppers in Carry handle and Flat top configuration. I just about grabbed a flat top version.

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    Nice rig!

    A few years back I bought an A1 20" "pencil" barrel from McKay Enterprises. It was *supposedly* a contract overrun Colt did for the Israelis. 1:7 twist, chrome lined.....basically an A1 barrel that can shoot the better, modern, heavier ammo. I sent it to ADCO to have it drilled for a .625 FSB as it was stripped when I bought it. Put it on a flattop upper with an Aimpoint Pro and Matech BUIS, Geissele SD-C trigger, A1 stock, Magpul MOE grip, and a PRI round carbon-fiber FF rifle-length handguard. Plain-old A1 flash hider. It is one of the several AR's I would grab if I had to pick only a few to GTFO of Dodge with.

    Here is one of McKay's current offerings, but the barrel extension is cracked and needs replaced but it meets all the other specs I outlined above:

    Or you could get one of the Brownell's retro 20" barrels with 1:7 twist and chrome lined.
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