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Thread: Are bull barrel old school AR home brew builds worth anything?

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    Are bull barrel old school AR home brew builds worth anything?

    Wilson bull barrel .960 OD, 24” long, chambered in .223Rem rifle gas,
    LaRue MBT Trigger
    Magpul fixed stock
    Magpul k2 pistol grip
    Forged upper and lower, both Aero Precision
    Super 42 buffer spring
    Rifle buffer w/ energy absorbing base (EAB)

    Nikon pro staff 3x9x40 30mm BDC scope and Nikon rings
    Toolcraft nitride BCG

    I’m posting here, because I figured you guys might have the best idea about the monetary value.
    I’m hopeful I could get enough for a decent budget .300WM bolt action…as this thing isn’t doing anything for me since I got my A4…
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    It depends on the components and your intended use. If you are shooting precision matches, does it really need every whiz bang wazoo hanging off of it to accomplish your goal? The most accurate AR I've ever owned was a build I did using--get this--an Olympic Arms Ultra Match barrel with a slick float tube, only had a bipod stud. Was long ago but when everyone seemed to have to look the part with the guns and clothing. Match time ended with, dang, what barrel is that?

    I guess my first read and not awake. You are walking the line with a sale add here. Look at the components and price accordingly. It's worth what. a used lower would go for, same as the upper which is a narrow market in it's configuration. Scope is unknown.

    Do not take it further in regards to my advice about the "sale add"


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