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Thread: Thoughts on Ruger, I mean Marlin 1894 since Ruger bought them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by czgunner View Post
    I really want a threaded 357.

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    Same, but in the Dark series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meausoc View Post
    As with most Ruger products there will be a recall after the first batch comes out.
    We used to joke about the “Ruger Recall-of-the-Month Club” but they really seem to have cleaned up their act in the last few years. I’ve purchased three SP101’s, a couple Bisleys, and several New Vaqueros and New Model Blackhawks and I can’t see a thing wrong with any of them. They quit putting the locks in the New Vaqueros and the warnings are now printed on the bottom of the barrel.

    All my Marlins are JM’s and some are nicer than others. I really hope Ruger does right by Marlin, if they can’t do it I don’t know can/will.

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