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Thread: Where To Buy S&W Classic N Frame Square Butt Target Grips For Under $200?!?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flenna View Post
    $200 for vintage grips? I had an identical set except for a K-frame sitting unused in a box for 25+ years that I gave to an M4c member who collects older revolvers. I'm happy he put them to use as I almost forgot I even had them.
    Quite a few affordable options for K frames, but yeah legit N frames in perfect condition are going pretty high. If you ever want a chuckle pop over to GB and do a search.
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    Here's how nuts it is. Had an 6-1/2" 29-2 with box and docs unfired.

    A few years back I traded that 29 and $300 for an SR-15 E3 mod1 with maybe 50 rounds down the pipe and all the factory stuff. This was when you could buy a new SR-15 for just over 2 grand.

    Guy trading it to me was very happy. So was I.

    eta: just went back and looked. Wasn't a few years back was 2014 but still, crazy values for top condition N-frames even back then.
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