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Thread: FB Radom Mini Beryl 500 round diary and review

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    FB Radom Mini Beryl 500 round diary and review

    Enjoy my little 500 round break-in diary. Takeaways...

    1. Glorious build quality.
    2. Does not like steel cased ammo during first 2-300 rounds. After that it settles in.
    3. Very Smooth shooting.
    4. BLASTY
    5. I had better luck with the factory Radom 30 rounders. The 20 round WBP mags seemed to have more issues with the steel cased ammo than the 30 rounder(which had none).
    6. Very accurate. It will shoot sub 2 moa WITH EASE. I shot w clip of 4 to of 5 shots sub MOA (and I am using a 2 MOA dot).
    7. Very cool piece. It needs a brace. You will need to dremel of the stupid sling loop.

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    I'm happy to report that I've had better initial luck with mine. I've actually only shot it once. It digested 20rds Wolf 55gr FMJ, 20rds Wolf Wolf Military Classic 55gr FMJ, 20rds Red Army Standard (Vempyl) 56gr FMJ, 20rds Norma 55gr FMJ, and 30rds IMI M193 55gr FMJ, all without issue. I used both the Radom (circle 11) and Bulgarian waffle (circle 10) magazines. I actually have an approved Form 1 and a replacement rear trunnion, so some surgery will be in the works soon. The quality of the gun is great. I do like the rail, except for the height. However, I do understand why the put it up there in order to have it at the level of the iron sights. The one thing that I don't like about it and my full sized Beryl is the complete lack of a cheek weld. It's one of the worst military style guns that I have in that regard. I'm actually going to see if my son can design a cheek riser for it so that I can 3D print it.


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