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Thread: 2021 Tactical Games Nationals Are Over!

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    2021 Tactical Games Nationals Are Over!

    We had 12 stages over 3 days. Round count was around 375 rifle and 375 pistol. Weather was perfect for funtivites in Texas hill country.

    This event was open to anyone, even if they didn't qualify. A person needs a top 5 finish in their division to qualify for the nationals. While people (like myself) were at the nationals, we weren't in the nationals. We ran the same stages but were scored separately.

    We had multiple "carry this heavy thing, shoot that" stages. There were two long movement stages. Day 1 had a 3.1 mile run. Weight was armor, rifle and pistol. Kicker was that it was around 85% uphill. After the run you ditched your gear and completed a 7 or 8 stage obstacle course.

    Day 2 brought a 4.2 mile weighted run. They called it a ruck since there wasn't a time cap on the stage. But most people jogged it as much as they could. The course was about 50% uphill with around half of it being on an actual road.

    The distance was broken down into two 2.1 mile laps. First lap was a pack with 20 pounds. The competitor would then add another 20 pounds and complete a second lap. Elite division had a third lap with an additional 20 pounds.

    The only running we did on day 3 was maybe 200 yards which was an awesome relief.

    I was introduced to a hellish contraption called a flip sled that was loaded with another 90 pounds (I believe it was two 45 plate's, might be wrong). Looked simple enough. Pick up the heavy side a flip the whole thing over. Knew I was in trouble when my very first lift threw the sled under my carrier and I had to promptly set it back down.

    I was seeing stars and thinking "I have 18 of these lifts, I better figure it out". I did figure it out and got my lifts but I timed out on the stage. The only portion I had left was the last firing sequence. Sucks, but hey, I learned something and saved a little ammo.

    Anyways, I had a great time with like minded individuals. We suffered and cheered together.

    My highlight of the weekend was shaking Tim Burkes hand. I saw him driving by as I was prepping for a stage. I called out his name and he stopped. He got out of his car and we met beside it. We chatted for a short bit while I tried to hide my nerd like excitement. While everyone else is germaphobe knuckle bumping, he shook my hand.

    I finished in the middle of 140 shooters. Happy with the result due to the talent that was present but I'm not content with it. I will train harder and inch closer to the top.

    ShootingUSA was there so I imagine there will be an episode coming up on the games. Tactical Games has a few short videos of days 1, 2 and 3 on their Instagram. They will probably be pic dumping here in a few days.

    Quick overview of all 3 days on TG instagram:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Looks like the TG youtube channel is adding the complete stages:

    Tactical Games Youtube
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