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Thread: I am pi$$ed off and don't know what to do about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by turnburglar View Post
    Chyna body armor is getting really good.

    I have owned 3 different sets at this point and I can say whoever Botach rebrands from really has their act together.

    I have been wearing Lvl 3 UHMWPE plates for over a year now and its incredible the amount of mobility and durability they have. At only 3.5#'s it barely feels like armor at all. I just got a set of the 3+ that are rated for M855 and cant wait to make a carrier for them. They are a pound or more heavier than the UHMPWE plates but they can stop M855. I am thinking about running the 3+ plate in front and then the lighter UHWMPE plate in the back? That might be a cool set up.

    For reference:

    Botach 3+: 4.5#'s, 0.8" thick, $140

    Shot Stop GT2's: 3.7#'s, 0.6" thick, $520

    Sure; I still want a GT2 cause thats some gucci tier kit, but damn if this chyna armor isn't close for a working man's price.
    Good info....I always hear that Botany is a crap shoot... I have RMA and then bought a few LAPG level 3 for the vehicle as a just in case....

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    Quote Originally Posted by newyork View Post
    I just canít bite the Chinese optic bullet. Been tempted by the 509t in the past. Waiting on the acro.
    Imagine my joy working COVID wards and every time I rip open new PPE to don, the QA/QC slip written in Chinese flutters out.
    I, too, have just ordered an ACRO P2. I won't play the China game with the things I enjoy, when the things I have to do to enjoy them, force me to.

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