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Thread: Springfield's "Hellion" bullpup

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    Quote Originally Posted by 556Cliff View Post
    Honestly, looking at the Springfield offering compared to the real thing from HS-Produkt it's not actually changed too much. Other than the differences in the magwell, the VHS-K2 doesn't seem to have swap-able grip ability, different style trigger guard, handguard with pic rails and the barrels have an odd fluting for improved heat dissipation (guessing).

    Springfield could have messed it up worse I suppose. And really, the worst thing they did to it is the name IMO.
    Well said
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteyrAUG View Post
    Had one, sold it. Never looked back. FN has made some great stuff. That one really wasn't one of them. Also dumped my PS90 and my 5.7 USG but for caliber reasons. I wanted to like my PS90 and USG, they were so space gun looking.
    Oh I may have disliked it also but unfortunately Iíll never know. They just look so weird and cool and 90s.

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