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Thread: Dan Wesson 15-2 VH

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    Dan Wesson 15-2 VH

    Many years ago a friend had a complete DW set, with 4 barrels, suitcase and accessories and sold it without even mentioning it (some friend he..).

    A year ago I saw this DW set at the LGS. No case or accessories, not even the wrench. However a very good customer had reserved it (still hasnt paid it as of today, so I might still get it in the end).

    Now a guy I was discussing with about other weapons (Makarov and AKs) offered this gun for $ 545. I bought it, thinking I could flip it if / when I find a complete set.

    I believe it was made in 1992. It came with the combat grip and a second 8 barrel, which has some corrosion flecks.

    Same LGS did the transfer for free, offered to fix the 8 barrel and gifted a standard grip he had laying around. Pretty nice guy Id say, I bought a lot from him, but still, not many LGS will be that gracious.

    It shoots a bit high for me even with the rear sight bottomed out, but produced this very good group at 25 m offhand

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    I had one of those sets back in the late 80's. It was the most accurate 357 (with proper load) I have owned. I don't remember the powder but the bullet was a 140 gr Sierra. Off the bench at 25 yards I got smaller groups than anything else I owned. The secret was torquing the front nut the same each time and using a feeler gauge between the barrel and the front of the cylinder to reduce bullet jump into the forcing cone.

    Sadly I sold it to supplement a down payment on a house.

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    There was a local ad a few weeks back for one of these that had the case and everything but the 8 barrel. Guess there were a couple options to purchase at the time that made the 8 optional in the kit. Guy said first $1250 gets it. I was tempted.

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    Back in the day I had S&W N Frame tunnel vision. I had a buddy in college that shot pretty well with his Dan Wesson revolver. Looking back, I wish I would have purchased one of those Dan Wesson Pistol Packs. My guess is they will only go up in value (supply vs. demand).


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