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Thread: Jigsaw pattern camo - why does Belgium still use this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RHINOWSO View Post
    (1) They have it
    (2) It costs money to change it
    (3) They aren't fighting anyone

    How true. Pretty much why I've stuck with Woodland for the last fifteen years. Now, if I had started with ACU, that would be a whole different ballgame!

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    Lifelong deer/turkey hunter here. In that video, notice that the colors of that pattern are nothing like the background woods at all. Those woods look just like here in spring /summer. Everything is green, except trees which are grey. That particular color would be ok in the fall here when the leaves start to change to reds and yellows. Like in October and November.
    Around here if you want to hide in the woods, the best camo colors would be different depending on the season. Winter camo is way different in color than summer camo.
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