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My Chief is unwilling to “pay $48 for some gauze, and that stuff expires” …. Essentially he’s unwilling to shell out for hemostatic gauze, chest seals and tourniquets to make trauma kits. He’s willing to let us use our own, but won’t replace it if we use it.

The arguments that can be made against this…. shortsightedness…. have been made, quite strongly, but the decision stands.


Does anyone know if an organization willing or able to donate trauma kits or supplies to law enforcement?

Alternately, does anyone know where they can be bought at a significant discount?

I can teach a “stop the bleed” class but would like to have kits to hand out and explain, rather than teaching the class and telling them to go buy it themselves.
Man, I could rant about my organisation for days. I once asked if I would be allowed to wear a personal TQ and was told that's what ambulances are for.

We just had a stabbing at the courthouse and they had to stop the bleeding with brown paper because all we have is an AED and plasters. Hopefully this will change things.